Exit Planning

Selling to BigCo?

Beyond our affinity for tasting small batch brews, there are a few key business lessons to be learned by following the trends in both big beer and craft beer. How are these craft beer acquisitions changing the game within their industry and who is benefiting from these changes in ownership?  Dan Doran shares his insights …

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Reminder: Exit Planning Institute Chapter Launch

Quick reminder: the Exit Planning Institute Capital Region chapter is launching next week! When: Tuesday, December 13, 2016 Where: Ritz-Carlton Tysons Cost: Complimentary You are cordially invited to join us for an Exit Planning Awareness Event. Join us and Chris Snider, the 2015 AM&AA Thought Leader of the Year, for a complimentary session on “Breaking …

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Webinar: Accelerating Value Growth

One refrain we hear about Exit Planning: “it takes to long.”  Who wants to plan on something for 3-5 years?  Let’s drop that line of thinking and shorten the time line.  Our upcoming webinar talks about just that: how to get a supercharge your exit planning process and accelerate the growth of corporate value.

Key Metrics for a Growing Business

Business owners are in constant pursuit of improvement — improved efficiencies, increasing margins, sales growth, or bolstering employee moral — all in the name of growth.  But in order to realize improvement and achieve growth, a business owner must create a roadmap of specific and measurable goals.

What You Should Know Before You Sell

We spend a lot of time talking about (and writing about) valuation issues in the context of a sale.  But what about the actual sale process itself?  I’m a closet Quora junky, and this popped up in my feed the other day.  Some great advice in here. TL/DR: It’s more complicated than you think.  

Snowmageddon Lessons

Snowmageddon has come and gone but the shoveling out is still underway. How are you doing? All Mid-Atlantic businesses have been affected in some way by this epic winter snowfall. Our local office is in Northern Virginia and we are just getting back in the building via half-plowed side streets and maneuvering a partially cleared …

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This Man Speaks Truth! Time Kills Deals

Hayes Bryant  from First Avenue Partners wrote a great piece over on Linkedin today about how “Time Kills Deals.”  Gosh, if that’s not the truth.  As a recovering investment banker I still intimately remember how accurate that old saw is.

Selling your business? 4 ways to maximize your personal and financial return

We’re intrigued by Tensie Homan’s article, “When Selecting a Buyer for Your Business, Don’t Just Consider Price” in Entrepreneur Magazine. She offers some great insights into considerations when selling a business.  Critical to your long term happiness is considering more than just the transaction.  Looking at a sale in a vaccum is a surefire path to …

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