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Due Diligence: What is It?

Sometimes when thinking about business concepts it’s helpful to think in terms of consumer concepts.  Due diligence – a term you’ll start to hear a lot when buying or selling a company- is a great example.

To Maximize Your Business Sale, Think Like a (Home) Buyer

You’ve built a rock-solid business. All the pieces are there—a great product, decent revenue, an extraordinary team—along with plenty of apparent demand in the market. A sale seems all but inevitable. So why isn’t anyone buying? Because every step of an M&A transaction is designed for buyers to eliminate sellers or reprice the deal.  To […]

Mind the Gap: Using Valuation for Gap Analysis

Our clients use business valuations for many reasons. Litigation? Check. Underwriting? Yep. Shareholder Agreements? Absolutely. Although, one of the ways we love to see our clients engage our services (and quite frankly we don’t see this reason enough) is for gap analysis. What Is Gap Analysis It sounds fancy, right?  As a concept, gap analysis […]

You Probably Don’t Know the Actual Value of Your Company

[Updated for 2021] And not knowing your value is eventually going to cause problems.  Throughout thousands of client interactions, one statistic stands out above all others: entrepreneurs drastically overestimate the value of their company.   It’s not surprising, of course.  It falls right in line with human nature: we all think our house is perfect, no […]

Quantive Advises Tellenger on Sale

Quantive is pleased to announce that it acted as exclusive financial advisor to Tellenger, Inc. on its sale to Information Analysis Incorporated (OTCQB: IAIC). Tellenger is a leading provider of cybersecurity, cloud, and data analytics services to various government customers. “The innovations from the talented team at Tellenger, Inc. will further accelerate our suite of […]

Quantive Advises Tiger Innovations on Sale to General Atomics

Quantive is pleased to announce that it acted as exclusive financial advisor to Tiger Innovations in its sale to General Atomics. Tiger is a leader in the development of cutting edge satellite systems and related space support systems for various US Government entities. “Acquiring Tiger Innovations strengthens our space systems capabilities,” stated Scott Forney, president […]

Reminder: State of M&A Webinar Tomorrow

Last Call! Register Here…. I’ll just go ahead and skip all the trite pleasantries about how we are in the “new normal” and get right to it: are you curious what is going on with M&A deals? I mean… it’s been quite a year, right? It’s been nearly one year exactly since I wrote “Is […]