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Why Clean Books are Important for a Smooth Transition

Most business owners underestimate the necessity of maintaining orderly records when running a business or planning to sell the company. Recordkeeping may be tedious, but sloppy recordkeeping hinders one’s ability to make decisions and plans. A company’s books of accounts reflect its financial health and potential for growth and increased profitability. “Clean Books” Explained If […]

Understanding Seller’s Discretionary Earnings

You have decided to get a valuation on your business. It’s time to sell, or maybe you have received an unsolicited offer and are looking for a way to increase the value of your business. You want to retire from the grind and receive a fair price. Still, you know that your $150,000 salary, equipment […]

“Spring Cleaning” Your Business

At Quantive, we work with hundreds of companies every year to provide expert support for middle market business owners and entrepreneurs. In addition to helping our clients grow or get ready for mergers and acquisitions, those services include a business valuation. Many of our clients simply want to fortify their exit strategy. They know that […]

Value Gap: What Is It and How to Close It?

If you were to sell your business tomorrow, do you know how much you could get out of it? Whether you plan to sell your business soon or much later, or even if you haven’t considered this option so far, knowing your company’s value is always a good place to start. You are never immune to […]

Quantive Advises CORTEK on Sale

Quantive is pleased to announce the sale of CORTEK to EM Key Solutions. Quantive represented CORTEK in this transaction. St. Petersburg, FL-based EM Key Solutions announced the acquisition of CORTEK, Inc., a Fredericksburg, VA-based provider of mission support services to the federal government. Under terms of the stock purchase agreement with DecisionPoint Corporation, CORTEK becomes […]

Working Capital: Why It’s Vital in Business Value and Exit

Key Takeaways: Working capital, or lack thereof, can significantly impact a firm’s valuation, selling price, and M&A deal terms. Effectively managing a firm’s working capital can increase the seller’s exit price. Buyers and sellers often overlook working capital when considering a potential M&A transaction. However, few know that it plays a crucial role in company […]

How to Market Your GovCon Business

In the United States, the federal government is one of the largest buyers of goods and services, so there are several opportunities for businesses to increase their revenue, income, and business outreach. All of which are great ways to increase your business value. As a business owner, your primary objective is to find ways to […]

Grow as a Governent Contractor

Business owners looking for ways to grow their business revenue often speculate whether bidding for federal contracts is a good way to grow their businesses. Owners have several reasons to consider the contracting arena. For starters, the federal government is one of the largest buyers of goods and services. Due to this, business owners have […]

What Data is Required for a Valuation?

So, you’re a middle-market entrepreneur or a business owner looking for information about selling your business. If that’s the case, you probably already know you need to get a business valuation. That’s where Quantive comes in. Your reasons for needing the valuation could range from preparing for retirement to a divorce asset settlement. In between […]

Quantive Advises Management Science & Innovation (MSI) on Sale

Quantive is pleased to announce the sale of Management Science & Innovation, LLC (MSI) to Center Element Capital (CEC). Center Element Capital (CEC), a search firm located in Nashville, TN, acquired Management Science & Innovation (MSI). Quantive represented Management Science & Innovation (MSI) throughout this transition. In a recent press release, founder at CEC, Daniel […]