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3 Standards of Value in Divorce Valuations (and why you should care)

Valuations are often required when a privately held business is part of a marital estate.  In order to perform a division of property, the parties must know the value of the asset, and in the absence of a public market price, a third party valuation is required. For the purposes of business valuation for divorce, […]

Quantive Advises BioPharma on Sale

Quantive is pleased to announce that we recently advised Biopharma Global (Biopharma) on its sale to Pace® Life Sciences, LLC.  Minneapolis-based Pace® Life Sciences, LLC, a full-service contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) and a subsidiary of Pace®, a science and technology company, announced earlier this month that it has acquired Biopharma Global (Biopharma). Biopharma specializes […]

How Long Should an M&A Deal Take?

Though no two M&A deals have precisely the same timeline, it is possible to provide a reasonably accurate estimate of the length of time necessary for a deal to close based on a few factors. Whether you are looking to buy or merge with another business or are a business owner interested in selling your […]

Knowing the Numbers of Your Business

You’re a small or medium-sized business owner. You take pride in knowing everything you should about your market, customers, and product performance. Your accountant assures you that, based on past performance, you should continue to bring in a tidy profit, pay your taxes, and maintain a healthy cash flow this year. However, you’re aware that […]

What is an AR Aging Report?

As a company owner, thinking about accounting reports may seem as interesting as watching grass grow. You’re busy with the big picture, so you leave all that esoteric financial analysis to your accountant or bookkeeper. Your primary interest is to keep your finger on the pulse of what your business is all about—selling products and […]

Why Clean Books are Important for a Smooth Transition

Most business owners underestimate the necessity of maintaining orderly records when running a business or planning to sell the company. Recordkeeping may be tedious, but sloppy recordkeeping hinders one’s ability to make decisions and plans. A company’s books of accounts reflect its financial health and potential for growth and increased profitability. “Clean Books” Explained If […]

Understanding Seller’s Discretionary Earnings

You have decided to get a valuation on your business. It’s time to sell, or maybe you have received an unsolicited offer and are looking for a way to increase the value of your business. You want to retire from the grind and receive a fair price. Still, you know that your $150,000 salary, equipment […]

“Spring Cleaning” Your Business

At Quantive, we work with hundreds of companies every year to provide expert support for middle market business owners and entrepreneurs. In addition to helping our clients grow or get ready for mergers and acquisitions, those services include a business valuation. Many of our clients simply want to fortify their exit strategy. They know that […]

Value Gap: What Is It and How to Close It?

If you were to sell your business tomorrow, do you know how much you could get out of it? Whether you plan to sell your business soon or much later, or even if you haven’t considered this option so far, knowing your company’s value is always a good place to start. You are never immune to […]