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Build the Company You want ... and make it worth more.

Companies plateau, Founders get burned out, and exits miss expectations. Quantive’s Business Performance Group helps Founders break through to the next level: de-risking, maximizing valuation, and getting their life back in the process.

Symptoms You Need Quantive's BPG.

If you are experiencing one of these symptoms, it’s a sign that Quantive’s Business Performance Growth Group can help.  

Typical Playbooks

We always tailor each assignment to meet a Company’s and its Founder’s specific needs, but the Playbooks below are some of the most common we run.


Owner dependence, single points of failure, key person risk, over-reliance on a single customer… risk is always present. Our de-risking playbook allows owners to proactively reduce it to create a more valuable business.

Operational Excellence

Objectivity means acknowledging the areas of your company that need improvement. Our ops playbook helps owners streamline operations at every level with the goal of optimizing both the day-to-day and long-term strategies.

Exit Readiness

Our exit planning framework analyzes current enterprise value, where that number needs to be (and when) for the owner to reach their goals. Then we lay out the building blocks of value in an achievable go-forward plan.

Meet the Team

BPG Practice Lead

Meet Sara Hartary, Quantive’s BPG practice lead. Sara’s specialty is setting businesses on a path to growth while balancing owner goals and looking at the bigger picture.

She has worked extensively in the public and private sectors to deploy enterprise-wide solutions that get the job done and that organizations can embrace and embed.

You know the business. We know the numbers.



Founder, Recruiting Firm

“Sara really understood the nature of my business so quickly that I felt that she was an expert in my field.  She has a natural operations mind with creative ideas and solutions for optimizing and streamlining systems.”



Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing

“Sara and her team are an 11 out of 10. They exceeded my expectations and absolutely over deliver in the ability to listen, to challenge my thinking, and in helping me to uncover my real goals and beliefs. The assessment was filled with powerful insights and perceptive recommendations.”

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