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invisible to others.

What We Do

Quantive is a business valuation firm at heart.  We are tightly focused on providing sound valuation methods and services to closely held and privately held companies throughout the U.S.  We follow a consistent, dedicated methodology in our work to help assure consistent high-quality results.

We provide certified business valuations for:

  • Exit Planning
  • Acquisition Support
  • Selling a Company
  • Litigation Support
  • Shareholder Buy-sell Agreements
  • Matrimonial Issues (Divorce, Pre-nups)
  • SBA Loans and Lender Underwriting

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For Business Owners

We work directly with business owners of small to medium size companies

Our Process

In order to deliver high quality, affordable work, we’ve developed a valuation process that is structured and efficient.

For Service Providers

We routinely work with other service providers, always with an eye towards delivering a best in class experience to your client

Business Valuation Purposes