How Long Should an M&A Deal Take?

Though no two M&A deals have precisely the same timeline, it is possible to provide a reasonably accurate estimate of the length of time necessary for a deal to close based on a few factors. Whether you are looking to buy or merge with another business or are a business owner interested in selling your […]

What are the key factors to make for a successful buy-side transaction?

If you’re planning to merge with or acquire another business, you need the structure of a well-tested mergers and acquisitions (M&A) process. You may have acquired the services of an external M&A advisor or plan to use a neutral third-party business valuation expert like Quantive. Whichever route you take, you’ll need to be aware of […]

Thinking about Testing the Market in 2022?

2022 might just be the perfect opportunity to sell your business. The economy is rebounding, inflation has hiked up business values, and life is tentatively returning to normal. If you’re thinking of selling this year, you should know that to take advantage of beneficial market timing, your company needs to be attractive to the right […]

Search Funds: The Goldilocks of Buyers?

The M&A market is booming, and for entrepreneurs and family businesses seeking to capitalize on a historically great seller’s market, some find that the lack of long-term planning weighs on valuation.   As we approach the end of a historically significant M&A market, it’s essential to start thinking about trading some smaller portion of the value […]

To Maximize Your Business Sale, Think Like a (Home) Buyer

You’ve built a rock-solid business. All the pieces are there—a great product, decent revenue, an extraordinary team—along with plenty of apparent demand in the market. A sale seems all but inevitable. So why isn’t anyone buying? Because every step of an M&A transaction is designed for buyers to eliminate sellers or reprice the deal, to […]

[Updated April 2021] Is the M&A Window Closing ?

Note: We originally published this article in late 2019.  At the time, our thinking had been, “this has been one heck of a ride… but sooner or later, the wheels are going to come off this hot deal market and the economy!”  Well… it turns out we were partially correct.  Of course, we didn’t see […]

Are you Stuck in Neutral?

As people have settled into (my new, least-favorite phrase) the “New Normal,” one of the trends that I’m seeing is companies and management setting things on cruise control. The reasons vary, ranging from “I’m just happy we survived” to focusing on new roles as home-schooling teachers. There’s also a sense that growth and new initiatives […]

Upcoming “State of M&A” Webinar

BLUF: We have an upcoming webinar on the current State of M&A. Please shoot us a note if you have topics in mind you’d like us to cover… I’ll just go ahead and skip all the trite pleasantries about how we are in the “new normal” and get right to it: are you curious what […]

May Deal Announcement

Quantive’s client Marlin Ventures was acquired by Consortium Management Group, Inc. Marlin Ventures, a government contracts consulting firm, is renowned for its commitment to its clients’ success. Marlin Ventures provides a full range of business development and contract administration support “from capture to closeout”. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Matt Whitaker led […]