If you are considering selling your company step 1 should be understanding what the company is worth. Just like selling a car: before you go to the dealership you consult Kelley Blue Book, right? The same logic holds for a business: you can’t price it well if you don’t know the value.

Why a Formal Valuation?

  • Your business is probably your largest asset. Now isn’t the time to work on the back of a napkin.
  • A qualified, certified Valuation Analyst can help get the RIGHT number for your business
  • A formal valuation serves as a blueprint for demonstrating value in your company
  • A certified valuation helps back up your asking price during negotiations

So When to get started?

Now. If you are considering a sale (or perhaps received an unsolicited offer), you can’t negotiate from a position of strength if you don’t know your value. Worst case scenario, you engage a valuation, the value is lower than you would like, and you have a roadmap for how to get to the number you need.

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