Who’s The Customer?

Every once in a while we work on an engagement and find ourselves scratching our head over the business model, asking “so wait, who’s the customer here?”   And then just today Kottke dropped a great entry on this exact topic.   (Btw, if you aren’t reading Jason’s work, you are missing one of the […]

Your Valentine Might Be One Box of Chocolate Short this Year

There may be one less gift option for your Valentine as a global chocolate shortage crisis is among us. Time for some macroeconomics basics – shortages exist when the demand for a good or service exceeds the availability of that good or service. In 2013, the world collectively consumed 70,000 metric tons more cocoa than […]

Intangible Asset Valauations

Intangible assets are a critical consideration when determining damages in an infringement case, negotiating a property settlement, valuing a company for conversion or sale, and quantifying a charitable donation. Despite their many applications, intangible assets are often underestimated or overlooked in the valuation process, particularly when they are non-revenue generating assets. It is important to […]

An Ounce of Prevention: Business Divorce Prevention

It’s Not “Just Business” Business is business…except when it’s not – as is the case in many family owned and operated businesses.  It’s very hard to separate business and personal life, especially when the two are very intertwined. Business owners need to wear different hats when sitting at the conference table versus when sitting at […]

The New Business of the Music Business

Apple likes big events. Steve Jobs set the tone with masterfully constructed event, reserving a well-timed “And one more thing…” to the object of everyone’s speculations. A few days ago, at the unveiling in Cupertino of the iPhone 6, the band U2 joined Tim Cook on stage without any advanced notice. And to the surprise […]

Using a Waterfall Chart for Effective Forecasting

Oftentimes the number one driver of value in a business sale is recurring revenue streams.  Examples of businesses that tend to yield hire multiples, ceteris parabus, include: Web-based business with monthly billings Central Station / Home Security – again, monthly billing model Government Contractors – clear view on future contract revenues Since we do so […]

Enter at Your Own Risk: Key Factors in Valuing a Unique Business

[alert title=”Note from the Author:” “information”]I was recently interviewed for an Inc.com magazine piece detailing key factors that impact valuation.  That’s like listing out all of the components of a hotdog – an extensive list of ingredients with some complicated formulation and maybe even an item or two that is best left up to the […]

A Macro View on Micro Brew – Understanding the Craft Brewery Market

October, or shall I say Oktober, holds a special place in the hearts of beer aficionados everywhere as the popularity of international drinking festivities has created a Christmas in October for the US craft beer market. Wait, Why is Quantive Interested in the Craft Brewery Market, Anyway? We find researching market trends and key statistics […]