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The Value Growth Playbook

Value Creation is the name of the game, and behind every winning team is a killer playbook. Our Value Growth Playbook is an in-depth guide to using value drivers to increase corporate value.

This playbook explores what really moves the dial when it comes to value: earnings, growth, and risk.

Get the low-down on how to focus on value growth by concentrating on what really matters: Earnings, Growth, and Risk.

Key Takeaways:

You have to actively grow value. Our Value Growth Playbook starts to frame that process. And we’d be pleased to help you down that path towards increasing corporate value.

Do the Work

The passage of time is not a strategy when it comes to building value. Value Growth comes from doing the work.

Valuation is Not a Single Number

Value exists along a spectrum. Learn how earnings, growth, and risk affect where your company lands.

Learn from our Case Studies

Dig into data with some case studies about how Quantive helps businesses grow value, with hard figures to back it up.

3 Value Drivers: Explained

Explore the big three value drivers: earnings, growth, and risk. Gain insight into qualitative and quantitative methods for measuring all three.

Learn What Drives Value—and How to Steer It

For most of our clients the liquidity event associated with the sale of their business is more than just the capstone on a career spent building and cultivating a business — it’s also the foundation of their retirement. If you’re like 80% of entrepreneurs in the U.S., the proceeds of that sale are required to achieve a successful retirement.

What if those proceeds aren’t enough? I can tell you what doesn’t work: doing nothing. Hang around me for a day and you’ll surely hear “the passage of time is not a strategy.” That’s right—you have to get back in there and do the hard work.