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The Ultimate Guide to Selling your Business

Updated for 2024 (Including Market Update)

At Quantive, we’ve worked with hundreds of business owners who are thinking about a sale. All those practice reps have helped us understand the issues most likely to derail your plans. We’ve distilled our lessons down into this handy guide.

Whether you’re exiting the business to retire, or to pursue other ventures, you need a plan.

Learn what to expect, how to get started, and more information about the selling process for business owners.

Key Takeaways:

It’s not enough to simply “list” a business for sale. Selling a business is hard work, and business owners who are truly successful in achieving an exit are the ones who go in with a solid plan.

Start Exit Planning Early

Learn about building an exit plan, forming an exit planning team, and planning a realistic timeline for selling.

Avoid Deal Killers

Understand and avoid common issues that kill deals, from unreliable rules of thumb on value to inexperienced transaction counsel.

Put Your Valuation to Use

Learn more about how we value businesses during the sale process, and how to play offense at the negotiation table.

Focus on Value Growth

Learn about how to maximize the value of your business before you sell so you can make an exit on YOUR terms.

So, you're thinking about selling your business. What's next?

We often use the term “exit planning” when we talk about selling a business, and you’ll see it here and there within this guide.

Whether you’re exiting the business to retire, or to pursue other ventures, you need a plan to handle issues like:

  • How to prepare for the sale
  • Critical valuation issues
  • Pre-diligence (how to keep your buyer from leaving you at the altar)
  • Deal structuring (it’s not always an “all cash offer”)

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