For Wealth Managers

In many privately held businesses, the value of a company represents a considerable portion of an owner’s financial situation. As a result, the proper determination of the company’s value is the foundation of all wealth management planning strategies, especially for wealth managers.

Why Quantive

Determining an accurate value of the business can be very challenging. Whether a Shareholder is looking to maximize the value of the business for a future exit or take advantage of discounts critical in gifting situations, the Quantive team will work with you and your client to determine the best approach to meet identified goals.

Our Approach

Financial and intangible risk factors and value drivers impact a company’s overall value. We employ a comprehensive approach that includes collaborating with each client’s professional team of financial advisors, attorneys, and CPA’s to uncover all material tangible and intangible factors utilized in the development of our valuation conclusion.

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Learn more about Exit LaunchPad – our platform created exclusively to work with financial planners and wealth managers.

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Quantive values companies for a variety of reasons related to insurance to include establishing values for funding buy-sell agreements.


We perform valuations for business planning, gap analysis, lost profits and damages, and a variety of other reasons.