Sell-Side M&A:
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We focus on process and preparation to help harvest a lifetime of efforts. 

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Selling a Company: It takes Grit

For most of our clients, the sale of their company is both a one-time event as well as the biggest single deal they will every work on.  Their company is representative of them as an individual, and the sale is often the culmination of their life’s work.  Let’s get this right.

Our approach to M&A transactions is high touch, low volume, and process oriented.  What do we not want to do? Rush to market without a well thought out plan and detailed go-to-market preparation.    We’ll work with you to understand what drives value, resolve issues that may diminish value, and position for the best possible transaction.

Our Sell-side M&A Process

A rigorous process is one of the best way to sure consistent, positive results.  We take this maxim to heart as we bring a company to market.  While each situation will vary, our general process is as follows:

Getting to Closing

Selling a company is difficult, stressful, and can be emotionally draining.  But when done right it can also be one of the most exciting times in the life of a business owner.  Most deals culminate your life’s work – and we look forward to working with entrepreneurs to cash in on these dreams and realize the benefits of their efforts.

What's Next?

Take a deeper dive on the Sell-side M&A Process, or Get In Touch if you’d like to talk more about your situation.

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What's Next?

Understand Value

Know where you are starting.  Studies show most business owners drastically over estimate their company’s value.  Being honest with yourself is the first step in a realistic run at the market.

Pre-Deal Prep

Get your house in order.  A buyer is going to dive deep in diligence – let’s get in front problems, mitigate issues, and dial up value.  When?  Ideally well in advance of going to market.


Now isn’t always the right time to pursue an exit.  But a byproduct of a business appraisal is a roadmap to enhancing value.  User your valuation to help focus your improvement efforts.

Exit Right.

Implement a formal exit 
planning process 
and understand valuation
to safeguard your retirement. 

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