Buy-side Support

Acquire a Company

Whether you are a first-time buyer or an experienced strategic or financial sponsor, we can help accelerate your timeline to a closed deal.  


Deal Flow Only

Experienced buyer that simply wants to accelerate deal flow?  Our PaaS solution is for you.

Fractional Corp Dev Office

Full Buy-side Support

From developing your acquisition strategy and sourcing deals to financial modeling, negotiations, and structuring.

Transaction Support

Financial and Operational
Learn how we support transactions from valuation and QoE to post-closing integration.
Laser Focused.


For experienced buyers that want to broaden their deal pipeline and shorten their timeline to closing. 

Define Target Criteria

As with most things in life, you’re likely to realize a better price when there is more competition for your deal. We work hard to create a competitive environment resulting in better price and terms.

Initial Deal Screen

It’s impossible to maintain confidentiality in a “DIY” deal process.  Our goal is to be the buffer that keeps your deal under wraps as long as possible.

Management Interview & Handoff

The better prepared you are going into a transaction, the more likely you are to be successful. Quantive will work with you on a range of matters–from deal prep to building a “deal room” or rehearsing management interviews– putting you in a position to succeed.

Fractional Corporate Development Office

Companies that are consistently successful acquirers build the infrastructure to support deals. That, of course, takes time and capital. Our FCDO program helps companies bridge the gap between standing up a full CDO and an ad hoc strategy with a low probability of success. 

Build Acquisition Strategy

Success starts with a well formulated, intentional acquisition strategy.  We help you refine your investment thesis and target criteria. 

Valuation and Modeling

We work on hundreds of valuations per year–lean on our team to work through all of the M&A analysis–from initial valuation to ongoing integration modeling and cashflow analysis.  

Deal Pipeline

You can’t be successful in growth through acquisition by running a serial process and looking at one deal at a time. Building a robust pipeline accelerates your time to close and increases the likelihood.

Negotiation and Structuring

With decades of experience, we shorten your learning curve, negotiating principal deal terms and structure on your behalf. 

Deal Screening

We’ll work through the initial deal screening process and interview companies for potential fit. This saves countless hours for you and your team that are better spent elsewhere. 

Deal Team Oversight

An acquisition has a lot of moving pieces, with resources involved inside your company, your external advisory team, and each’s counterpart with the seller. We quarterback all these moving pieces to maintain efficient forward progress. 

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