Planning a Successful M&A Exit: Strategic Choices for Growth

Blank Rome LLP and Quantive are proud to announce the launch of a new on-demand webinar series, Smart M&A Growth Strategies. Hosted by Blank Rome Corporate M&A Partner Dean Nordlinger and Quantive CEO and Founder Dan Doran, the series will provide strategies and tactics that companies can use to prioritize and improve their own unique avenues to growth.  Sessions I and II will feature insights from guest speakers Mehul Sanghani of Octo Consulting Group and Damon Griggs of Dovel Technologies, both of whom are seasoned professionals and subject matter experts on the key challenges of generating corporate value and guiding businesses through common GovCon M&A issues.

Episode Breakdown:

3:13 – As a company that started as a small business, what are some of the factors and thought processes that graduate you out of small business and away from the lifestyle company and into full and open unrestricted market and sort of the mid-market companies you’re at now?

13:30 – How did you use your organic strategy to fuel your inorganic strategy? Both in terms of how you look at how you could inquiry someone or how you’re going to get a third party to invest or inquiry you.

21:54 – Many founders go down this route of I’m building this company to sell. Why did you decide to go down the recap/private equity investment route and what made the timing right for you?

28:13 – Could you talk to us in the context of when you went through the process as a seller, and what your mindset has been on the buy-side?

35:42 – Words of wisdom: suggestions on how they might approach this thought process on access to capital markets, private capital markets, etc… Ideas of what they should be thinking?

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