Thanks for your inquiry! (2)

Thanks for your inquiry!

We’re certainly happy you’ve taken an interest in a valuation or appraisal from Quantive.  One of our professionals will be getting in touch with you shortly, but hereis what you can expect in the meantime: 

Prompt Response. One of our professionals will usually contact you within a few hours (there’s a decent chance that it’s within a half hour or so).  If it’s after hours expect a follow up early next business day. 

No-Cost Consult. An initial chat with a professional won’t cost you a thing.  No, we won’t get into value, but we’re definitely happy to talk to you about the process, any issues or challenges to your particular situation, and offer a quote.  

No BS.  We hate wasting time as much as you do.  We’re always straight to the point- we hope you will be to! 

Fixed-Fee Quote.  In most cases (really, the vast majority)  we work on a fixed fee model.  So when we give you a pricing quote, barring new information or circumstances, its locked.  

A Low-Stress Experience.  A lot of circumstances surrounding the need for valuation (think divorce, estate settlements, taxes – even sales) are high stress.  We’re pretty darn easy going, and we’ll certainly do our best to make this portion of your requirements as low stress as possible.  


Itching to talk to someone and the phone hasn’t rung yet? Give us a ring! 888-827-1624