Valuing A Company For Business Owners

One of our specialties is offering “right sized” business valuation services for smaller companies. While your company might not be a multi-million dollar enterprise, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have the need for an accurate and insightful analysis when valuing a company.

Why Quantive

We have a long history of working directly with business owners. Our experience in working with smaller clients helps us to quickly understand the issues you face on a day to day basis. Our scale also helps us offer certified valuation services at an affordable price…

Broad Experience

We’ve valued companies in nearly every industry imaginable. What’s that mean to you? We’re able to quickly identify the risk profile of your business, understand your unique issues, and translate that into a more accurate value.

Business Valuation Purposes


Quantive values companies for a variety of reasons related to insurance to include establishing values for funding buy-sell agreements.


We perform valuations for business planning, gap analysis, lost profits and damages, and a variety of other reasons.