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Exit LaunchPad

We value companies. You plan for the bigger picture. Enter Quantive’s Exit LaunchPad™ platform, marrying our valuation services with your financial planning.

Why LaunchPad?

Stop us when you’ve heard this: a business owner is considering an exit scenario and has questions about their future… but has significant unsurety about their business value and if “it’s enough.”

ExitExpertPlanning_350-150x150From our perspective valuation work is often tactical, with the valuators involvement ending the moment a valuation ships. This leaves a business owner with an incomplete understanding if their prospects.Exit LaunchPad™ is designed to give the business owner a full 360 degree view of their financial world so they can make decisions with full knowledge.

et’s expound upon that concept for a moment. What you have worked so hard to create is a business and within that business you have probably given yourself a job and even pay yourself a salary from the business. However, when factoring the value of your business for a sale you need to remove the you from the equation, literally. The buyer may not want to be an active employee of the company or may be buying it to merge with existing companies where the position you currently hold down is, unbelievably, fulfilled by someone else.

How it Works

Quantive is expert at business valuation.  But to complete the equation, Quantive partner’s with the best financial planners and wealth managers to help our clients complete the rest of the financial plan.Once we have completed the business valuation we are able to arm the planner with more complete data regarding the client’s estate.  The value of a business- often 80% or more of the total estate – is no longer an unknown.

We look for partners that are credentialed and deeply entrenched in working with entrepreneurial clients.

t sell the business then all you really have is a job and you can’t sell a job. Removing you brings up a number of terms: goodwill, personal salary, personal expenses. We will touch on these later. So are you ready to jump in and be truly candid with the numbers? Keep in mind, this result is not what the business is worth to you, because presumably you won’t be your own buyer/investor/lender, but this result will answer What is My Business Worth in the market, to others.

The first steps to a successful Exit Plan:

Valuation and Financial Planning.