Exit Planning Bootcamp


Quantive’s Exit Planning Bootcamp™ is a seminar series focused on helping entrepreneurs find their way through the exit planning process. We partner with other Experts to get you up to speed.

Why BootCamp?

We do a lot of work in the Exit Planning realm.  One of the biggest problems we see is that folks often come to us when it’s a little too late – when they are right at the point of selling.

ExitExpertPlanning_350-150x150That’s Reactive.  Successfully selling a company is a big deal.  It’s a huge asset.  Failure to plan for it and work at it is not only shortsighted, but it also potentially leaves you exposed to a shortfall in retirement funds.

Enter Exit Planning BootCamp™.



How it Works

This is super simple.  You show up.No seriously, that’s about it.  We’ve put together some great classes, and we partner with industry experts for each subject.   Each session is lead by someone that is an expert in the subject matter.

What’s it cost?  Not much (like $25 – someone has to buy the donuts).

Of course, this is the easy part.  The hard part is the dedication it takes to work at a successful exit.  Only then do you get to realize your dreams.  No pressure.

A Successful Retirement Depends On

Getting Your Exit Right.


Exit Planning 101

Overview: This Course is an overview of the Exit Planning process.  Learn critical steps, what to expect, and how long.Critcical Take Away:  ROI on Planning  

Instructor: Quantive / Host


Valuation Basics 102

Overview: In Valuation Basics we review critical areas that impact value, main valuation approaches, and considerations for improving value.Critical Take Away: Understanding of Valuation Principals

Instructor: Quantive


Financial Planning 103

Overview: This Course provides a general understanding of the Financial Planning process.  We discuss how exiting the business impacts your overall estate and how to plan for a successful retirement.Critcical Take Away:  Financial Plan for Retirement  

Instructor: Financial Planner / Wealth Manager


Value Enhancement 104

Overview: Not all businesses are Exit Ready, and not all valuations meet your financial requirements.  Learn about critical steps in building in additional value and “de-risking” the business.Critical Take Away: Key Concepts in De-risking / Building Value

Instructor: Strategy / Management Expert


Building Value Through Acquisition 105

Overview: When organic growth isn’t enough, it might be time to consider an acquisition.  This course helps you understand the “buy-side” process, how buying another company can enhance enterprise value, and what the ROI looks like.Critcical Take Away:  Key Concepts, Pitfalls, & Techniques in Buying a Company  

Instructor: M&A Expert


Pre-Diligence: Retaining Value 106

Overview: So far we’ve focused on improving value.  In “Pre-Diligence” you learn how to avoid losing value in a transaction.  During a transaction a buyer conducts due diligence.  Problems found here often impact purchase price.  Learn how pre-deligence helps retain value.Critical Take Away: Understand Concept of Pre-diligence & How to Prevent Re-pricing a Deal

Instructor: CFO, CPA, or Diligence Expert


The Sellside: Getting the Company Sold 107

Overview: We’re finally there.  It’s time to sell the company. Learn about who you need on your transaction team, how  a successful sale process is run, deal pitfalls, and what to expect.Critcical Take Away:  What it Takes to Get a Sale Done Right

Instructor: M&A Expert


Legal Considerations in M&A 108

Overview: Whether buying or selling, the legal considerations in a transaction are myriad.  Learn critical concepts, key deal terms, and issues related to asset vs. stock sales.Critical Take Away: Understand Legal Concepts Related to M&A Transactions

Instructor: Transaction Attorney