Quantive Welcomes Luke Conger!

We recently had a new member join the Quantive team. Please join us in welcoming Luke Conger, our new Director of Business Development!  

Hailing from Bagley, Minnesota, Luke started out his working career learning the values of hard work through working on a cattle ranch in Northern Minnesota. Luke believes that all his work on the ranch instilled the work ethic and integrity that he has today 

After graduating from Liberty University with a degree in Sports Medicine, Luke started his career as a Nutraceutical Sales Representative in Maryland. He then transitioned into working as a Human Capital Consultant where he gained valuable experience advising business owners and their teams on how to streamline their processes, better utilize resources, mitigate risk, increase attractiveness, retention and positively impact EBITA.  

Before joining #TeamQuantive, Luke continued his experience as a Benefits Consultant for a local brokerage firm in Fairfax, Virginia. It was there he helped company’s control one of their largest business expenses – employee benefits, which in turn positively impacted those company’s bottom line.

Luke currently lives in Martinsburg, West Virginia with his wife Madalynn and his two boys, Wesley and Oakley. He is very much looking forward to Quantive opening Site Bravo (Coming Soon!) in Winchester, Virginia as his current commute is almost two hours each way to Quantive’s HQ in Tysons, Virginia!   

Be sure to connect with Luke on Linkedin and stay up to date with his latest videos. 

Welcome to the team Luke!