On Voicemail and Productivity

In the business valuation world we are often talking to management about effeciency and productivity.  And common themes we see are solid companies consistently focus on streamlining operations, control costs, and drive revenue growth.

With that in mind, this article jumped off the page at me: JPMorgan just ditched voicemail for 136,000 employees.  Because… basically no one likes voicemail.   (Apparently they did a big study to learn this… but really, didn’t they already just know?)

This is awesome.  Companies are ditching old technologies for new all over the place.  Here at Quantive we use Hipchat to communicate with our team, and of course Slack is the darling of the VC world.  Why?  because these tools facilitate interaction, remove friction, and lessen “queing” that happens with serial communication modes like voicemail.

Anywho – food for thought.  What are you doing in your organization to remove friction, enable employees, n and drive profit to the bottomline?

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