Manufacturing Misconceptions

Just a quick tidbit.

So I bet you didn’t know this:

Martin Baily and Barry Bosworth of the Brookings Institution, for the past 50 years industrial production in the U.S. has grown at the same rate or even faster than the economy as a whole.

You’re probably asking how that is even possible, right?

And yet it’s true.  What we find – anecdotally of course – is that we seems to work on fewer manufacturing related valuation engagements each year.  But of the ones that we do work on, almost invariably the companies’ performance is trending positive.

And how is this all possible?  Productivity.  Efficiency.  Ingenuity.  More often than not the manufacturers that we work with are truly innovative and push hard to improve their trade.

Regardless, we liked the factoid above – reminded us how manufacturing is alive and well in the U.S.

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