Value Growth

Whether we are mitigating risk, growing value, or planning a succession, we help owners plan for an eventual transition.

Exit Plan: a Process, Not a Document

All entrepreneurs are going to exit their business- the only question is whether it’s on the terms of their choosing. Exit planning takes time. The downside? You find yourself a stronger, more valuable business (sigh….). We use a rigorous process to help entrepreneurs prepare to exit- on the best terms, and at the time of their choosing.

The scope of our involvement will vary based on needs, but usually takes the form of one or a combination of: a Certified Exit Planner, Fractional CFO, or Board Level involvement with your company. We think of all these things together as promoting a single overarching goal: value growth.

When it comes to an exit, timing is everything. Make sure the time is right for your business.

Our Value Growth Services:

Certified Exit Planning

Quantive’s staff includes a number of Certified Exit Planners (CEPA) who are specifically trained in the intricacies of assisting owners work through a transition from 1-3+ years before an exit.

Fractional CFO

As companies grow, their in-house financial needs grow as well. Our Fractional CFO’s are growth-oriented and bridge the gap to a full-time CFO.

Board Advisory

To reach the next level, entrepreneurs need to get out of the day-to-day grind. Our Board Advisory services help focus on big picture items that drive management accountability and value growth.

A Holistic Approach to Value Growth

Time and again we’ve seen issues outside the business derail deals. Most often those can be attributed to: a) a shortfall in sale value (i.e. the proceeds are not enough to fund a retirement) and b) a seller’s concerns about what they are actually going to do after closing. This is why a robust exit plan considers all three elements – that is: the Company, the Estate, and what we call the “Life After” plan.

Our Process:

Understand Value

Know where you are starting. Studies show most business owners drastically over estimate their company’s value. Being honest with yourself is the first step in a realistic run at the market

Pre-Deal Prep

Get your house in order. A buyer is going to dive deep in diligence – let’s get in front problems, mitigate issues, and dial up value. When? Ideally well in advance of going to market.


Now isn’t always the right time to pursue an exit. But a byproduct of a business appraisal is a roadmap to enhancing value. Use your valuation to help focus your improvement efforts.

Ready to Get Started?

Getting started is easy! Our straightforward pricing is a flat fee for most situations and is driven by the scope of work on a project. We’ll get in touch to understand your requirements, provide a quote, and get docs out to get the ball rolling.

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