Exit LaunchPad: Quantive Partners with Financial Planners

Quantive is pleased to announce it’s latest platform – Exit LaunchPad™.   Through Exit LaunchPad™ Quantive partners with best-in-class financial planners and wealth managers to marry valuation services with financial planning.

Why LaunchPad

The first steps of the Exit Planning process are valuing a company and understanding how that exit fits into your overall estate.  Knowing one without the other leaves an exiting business owner critically short on knowledge.  We also realize that many business owners pre-exit don’t necessarily have a sizeable managed portfolio and access to top flight financial planning.  Our LaunchPad program is aimed at facilitating your access to those planners, and taking uncertainty out of the exit process.

What is a Financial Plan?

A financial plan is a detailed, living document aimed at guiding your financial decisions and financial state.  In the context of Exit Planning, the financial plan takes into account:

  • Current liquid portfolio, as well as all other assets in the estate
  • Effect of “liquidity event” – i.e. a sale – on your portfolio
  • Your goals and requirements for a successful retirement
  • The proceeds required from a sale to meet those goals

Good financial planners are able to detail your goals, model your portfolio, and make recommendations on actions required to meet them.

Learn More

Contact Quantive to learn more about the Exit LaunchPad™ program and how to include a financial plan as part of your valuation. Financial Planner? Learn more about participating here on our page for Financial Planners.




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