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Go-to-Market Analysis, simplified.

Want to know what your company is worth? Do you want to know how well positioned you are for a sale, how the market might view your company, and what to improve before you sell?

Boost Your Odds

Did you know that 75% of M&A transactions fail* on their first attempt?  Beat the odds by arming yourself with the right data and right action point. 

It’s not about just understanding what your business is worth.  Arm yourself with information about how a buyer will view your company and what you can do to put it in the best light.  


What's Included?

Everything you need to make a decision on going to market and a punch list of to-do’s to get you ready.



We complete a thorough, accurate valuation of your company using best-in-class techniques.

GTM Analysis

GTM Analysis

Out GTM Analysis reviews across 6 core areas using 45+ different market readiness factors.



Actionable advice to position your company for the best possible sale.

Quantive's Exclusive Go-to-Market Analysis

No other firm provides such a thorough and actionably analysis at a reasonable price.  Each analysis covers six core areas, and between 18 and 45 individual factors.  

Financial Performance

We assess how your financial performance will appear to potential buyers / investors, as well as how your performance compares to peers.

Founder Dependency

The magic of most strong small businesses rests firmly on the shoulders of the Founder. However what was good initially becomes a weakness in the market. How does your firm compare?


Ultimately buyers seek businesses that are positioned to scale, thereby decreasing the time to return their investment. In short, scalability correlates to increased valuation.

Systems and Process

A great business is one that can transition (almost) seamlessly to a new owner.  We dive into systems and process to understand transferability.


A theme that has become more accentuated in recent years is a preference for recurring revenue. We’ll assess your revenue streams and score them as the market would.

Capital Efficiency

Some companies require more capital to operate (CAPEX, Working Capital etc), with the market preferring capital efficiency. We’ll review how your company stacks up to peers.

Two Options

Out of the box we complete projects in 3 weeks.  In a rush?  We can get it done in 1 week.

Why a GTM Analysis makes sense

A valuation is an important first step in deciding to selling your company, but the real question you are trying to answer is “will there be a market for my company?”  And if there is not, how can I change the outcome?  

The GTM Analysis gets you there.


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Clients Satisfaction

Getting Market Ready

Get in control of your transaction.


Who Needs a GTM Analysis?

While all companies could likely benefit, if you fit one of these categories it makes a massive amount of sense:

0-5 Years from Exit

You are considering transitioning out of ownership via M&A sale, management buy-out, succession, etc in the next 5 years.

Concerned Value Won't Support Retirement Goals

For most owners of private companies, their company is far and away their most valuable asset- but it’s illiquid. Is most of your worth in your business, and your concerned about being able to sell and support the retirement you dream of?

Unsolicited Offer

Have you received interest from a competitor, a private equity buyer, or other investor? Do you want to be armed with data before getting into deep conversations?

Stressed about Ownership Transition

Running a company can be highly rewarding…. but it’s also incredibly stressful. Balancing the rewards with financial and management issues is challenging. Learn if there is a path to a less stressful role.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this include a valuation?

Yes. All of our Go-t0-Market options include a valuation

Are you able to start a project immediately?

Yes, all projects are started within 1 business day of your order. 

How long have you been in the industry?

We’ve been working with privately held companies on M&A  transactions, valuations, and value creation for over 20 years. 

What if the results does not satisfy my expectations?

We recognize that not everyone will be pleased with the current value of their company.  Unfortunately this is the nature of valuation.   

That said, please contact us for a refund if you are not satisfied with our work product.  

Why shouldn't I just get a valuation?

A valuation is an important aspect of deciding to go to market… but it’s only one piece of the puzzle.  Our GTM Analysis not only includes a valuation, but also helps fill in the rest of the puzzle pieces.  

Are you available for value creation consulting?

Yes, we provide consulting services related to enhancing company value and positioning for a sale.  Once you have gone through your GTM Analysis please reach out to discuss your situation.

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