Congrats to our new Marketing Manager!

We are super excited to announce that Amanda Linthicum has been promoted to Marketing Manager. You may not know Amanda, but you just might know her work:  she’s spent the last year behind the scenes driving our content production across a range of different channels and projects. As our Marketing Coordinator she has been at the crossroads of in-house marketing efforts, our outside agencies, and various other resources. It’s a busy role! Under her watch Quantive has produced:

  • Our The Deal, Unscripted podcast
  • A few dozen events
  • A hundred or so content pieces
  • Several thousand social media pieces, and
  • Several hundred thousand emails.

In her new role Amanda takes on two new challenges: own our personas, and own content creation. That’s a big job – we move pretty fast around here and there are a lot of moving pieces!

I’m confident Amanda has the chops to handle it and I’m looking forward to great things from our marketing team in FY20!

-dan doran