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Whether it’s a valuation to kick start the Triggering Event or rolling up our sleeves on Value Acceleration, we’re here to support.

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We love rolling up our sleeves and collaborating with other CEPA’s on Exit Planning projects.  Whether it’s us “running the deal” or just playing a tactical role on valuation, we’re happy to play a part.  We recognize that we are all playing our part on a team, and that our role is going to change from deal to deal.  We want to position our teammates for success just as much as our client.

The Triggering Event

We live the Triggering Event day in and day out – working on several hundred valuation assignments each year.  Our goal is to empower owners with the knowledge of what it takes to exit on their terms.  We work the valuation half– and always partner with wealth managers or planners to fill in the rest of the blanks.

Value Acceleration

We’re willing to bet our experience is similar to yours: in well over 90% of our engagements owners and entrepreneurs are disappointing in their value.  We love nothing more than digging in on the thorny issues that are impeding value and standing between here and an exit.  Some of our CEPA partners have deep operational experience  and love this too – and that’s great.  But if you are in a role where you are not able to spend the necessary time “inside the building” to drive value then we’re here to make it happen.

E-Book: Selling a Company- What Owner's Need to Know.

Implement a formal exit 
planning process 
and understand valuation
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