Hanging with Holly: Interview with Sales Team Expert Jake Wilson

Profit or perish… There are only two ways to make money: increase sales and decrease costs”. -Fred DeLuca

It is a pretty simple concept, and when we value businesses, we know top line revenue is an important indicator of the health of the business- In fact it is one of the 18 value drivers we look at when we assess a business.

In this video, we talk with Jake Wilson, the Founder of Sales Team Builder, who discusses how he works with clients to help them build their sales team in order to drive profits. His body language, energy, and knowledge demonstrate that it is not just about following a magic formula, but it is about coupling your product knowledge and your process and being able effectively communicate that with your client through words and presence.

Hanging with Holly: Interview with Sales Expert Jake Wilson from Dan Doran on Vimeo.

Holly:    So, welcome to today’s video blog. I’m here with Jake Wilson, who’s from Sales Team Builder and sales teams are so critical to every business. So many businesses prevent growing value because they have not integrated the right sales strategies. So, very key for any business operation is the focus on sales. Jake, how’re you doing today? Read more

Hanging with Holly – Interview with Derek Martin

We’re stoked to have Derek Martin from 56 Capital Partners join us and talk with Holly Flores.

According to USDA Economic Research, net farm income in 2018 is expected to reach a 12 year low. Additionally, on-farm household income remains negative on a year over year basis. These are challenging statistics for our farmers across America. Whether farmers are thinking about evolving their business in order to overcome increased costs or they are thinking about succession planning and how they will manage their retirement years, it is critical they are engaging in these conversations before it is too late.

Derek Martin, of 56 Capital Partners, grew up on a farm with his parents in Michigan. He knows the different challenges that a farmer may face as they plan for their future. This brief video shares some insights from working with farm owners and highlights some challenges and solutions for planning for retirement.

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