Case Study: Divorce Valuation

An accurate valuation can make or break a divorce settlement. Get it right when it counts.


Our client was a Partner at a medical practice located in the mid-Atlantic region. We were retained in support of performing a valuation of the business, providing expert testimony, and additional support on an as-needed basis. 

The situation in this case was highly litigious; both spouses were involved in the operations of the business, and both clearly wanted different outcomes. We performed our valuation of the business itself, and then identified the value of the business that is allocable towards our client versus the enterprise itself. 

In doing so, we were able to justify a valuation that a favorable outcome for our client, while also being deemed both fair and reasonable by the opposition. The result ended in the case being settled in mediation without having to go to court. 


Settled in Mediation

Avoiding the stress of court (and the associated costs) count as a win for everyone.

Fair & Reasonable

Getting the green light from the opposition the first time around is the result of an expert team and a well-reasoned report.

Get a thorough and accurate business valuation, tailored to your needs, in weeks—not months.

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