Case Study: Buy-Sell Valuation

Don't leave chips on the table when it comes time to negotiate.


Business partners hired us to value the business for settling the buyout of their (deceased) partners estate. The estate hired an opposing valuation firm to conduct a valuation. We went head-to-head with another valuation/advisory firm to ideally come to an agreement on value. 

The fact pattern of the case indicated that the numbers were deceivingly optimistic at face value. Our deep dive analysis uncovered risk that would result in a lower valuation (ideal client outcome) while remaining completely unbiased 

The estate’s valuation firm overvalued the Company, which did not match the fact pattern of the case. We fought for our client, based on the fact pattern, which resulted in the client’s buyout being nearly 40% lower than the original valuation, all while remaining unbiased. 


Uncovered Risk

A thorough discovery phase means we get to the bottom of what's driving value, even if it's at odds with the other guys.

40% Improvement

Our client received a much better outcome as a result of some serious digging. That's what you can expect with Quantive on your bench.

Get a thorough and accurate business valuation, tailored to your needs, in weeks—not months.

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