Case Study: Exit Planning Valuation

Timing is everything when it comes to an exit.


The founder of the Company hired us to value the business to understand his timeline to exit the business. The founder was ready to exit but wanted to understand what the market would truly pay for the asset. In our deep dive analysis of the Company, we uncovered factors that would inherently reduce the marketability of the Company – the dependence on the founder, an active lawsuit, and concentration of revenues.  

Despite the Company giving off increasingly high cash flows, and improvements in its annual recurring revenue, we explained to the founder the issues impacting marketability.  

The founder was ready to exit and was not interested in staying on part-time or even in a consultancy capacity. We advised the founder of an action plan he could take to reduce the risk in his business over the next several years. 


Actionable Insight

Getting a lower figure than you expected in your valuation report can take the wind out of your sails, but having that information can help chart your best course.

Cold Hard Facts

Holding a mirror to your company's shortcomings is not a fun exercise, but value-minded owners welcome the chance for change.

Get a thorough and accurate business valuation, tailored to your needs, in weeks—not months.

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