Growth through Debt v. Equity: Weighing the Choices & Challenges

Thanks for watching session II of Smart M&A Growth Strategies!

Blank Rome LLP and Quantive are proud to announce the launch of a new on-demand webinar series, Smart M&A Growth Strategies. Hosted by Blank Rome Corporate M&A Partner Dean Nordlinger and Quantive CEO and Founder Dan Doran, the series will provide strategies and tactics that companies can use to prioritize and improve their own unique avenues to growth.

Sessions III and IV will spotlight experiences and lessons learned from the real-world success story of IMPAQ International, LLC, global policy research, analytics, and implementation firm and Blank Rome client that experienced growth for nearly 20 years and was acquired in 2020 by The American Institutes for Research in the Behavioral Sciences.

Episode Breakdown:

3:39 – Can you talk us through your decision-making process, and what you might have gone through over the years?

11:51 – What was your philosophy for establishing this bank relationship, in terms of speed and deal execution?

14:16 – What types of external, or internal circumstances are those a company should be looking at that would be telling them about why a debt path is better for them or vice versa?

18:03 – How did you get over that mental gap of debt is bad?

21:21 – Walk us through how and why you were so successful at buying assets?

24:17 – Thoughts on debt vs. equity mix?

34:40 – What might you have done differently and what advice would you give a business owner that would just be starting this journey?

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