We’d Love to Hear from You: Call for Presentations (EPI DC)

Are you interested in participating in a future panel?  Have an idea that you’d like to see included?  We’d love you’re input!  To be considered as a presenter / panelist next year, please submit a proposal with the following:

Submission Deadline: August 31, 2018

Proposal Guidelines

  • Include a synopsis of the proposed event. This should be a one paragraph-ish blurb detailing what the session is about.
  • Prepare 3-6 learning objectives
  • Briefly discuss why you believe the topic is timely and relevant to our discussions
  • Panelist suggestions (if not by name, then ideal background)
  • * If you have a similar presentation available please feel free to share
  • Submit proposals to dan at goquantive dot com <– We all hate spam… :) 

Ground Rules

  • All content should be related to “ownership transitions.”  Topics of interest include:
    • Preparing for an exit
    • Managing growth / creating an inflection point
    • Navigating next-generation transitions
    • Matters related to an entrepreneur’s estate
    • Etc
  • All sessions are panel discussions – we do not do “single person presenter” events

Selection Criteria

  • Relevance to the EPI Chapter mission / purpose
  • Interdisciplinary or multi-disciplinary application to Exit Planning / Ownership Transitions
  • Potential to attract a varied audience and stimulate collaborative discussions
  • Timeliness of the topic
  • Practical application of information to be presented
  • Practical and clearly defined Learning Objectives

Our Mutual Commitment

  • Once selected, we commit to ample prep time (typically 2 conference calls in the month prior to event)
  • After presentation date is determined, parties “hard commit” to the date and will not request changes
  • Each presenter will be asked to prepare a slide deck for distribution to audience (* new for 4Q18)
  • Presenters are asked to help market their event to their network.  One of the best things about our sessions has been the ability to attract new, high quality attendees.  We leverage our speakers, in part, to expand our mutual network of colleagues
  • Presentations are an opportunity to showcase subject matter expertise, but our sessions are not “sales opportunities”

Chapter Mission

The mission of the EPI Capital Region Chapter is to create a forum where a community of professional advisors can collaborate to address unique needs of the local community; develop educational programs for professional advisors to build awareness and better prepare an owner for the successful exit of their business; develop, encourage and foster the adoption of best practices for the exit planning profession and related professionals; and promote the common business interests of those business advisors engaged assisting entrepreneurs through ownership transitions.

Dan is the Founder of Quantive and Value Scout. He has two decades of experience in leading M&A transactions. Additionally oversees Quantive's valuation practice and has performed thousands of business valuations.



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