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When to Hire an Appraiser During a Divorce

Getting a divorce is inherently traumatic, for obvious reasons. Divorce settlements involving business owners can be especially acrimonious. However, you aren’t alone in your struggle to end a destructive relationship. Settling a divorce with a division of assets that satisfies both parties isn’t impossible, but it’s easier to get there with a clear-cut value figure […]

The St. Patrick’s Day Economic Stimulus

Spring is finally here. Traditionally, spring symbolizes hope, renewal, and change. The warmer weather combined with the holidays of St. Patrick’s Day and Easter is a natural and recurring economic stimulant. Add in the spending of tax refunds as we transition through spring into the summer and there is even more reason to be bullish […]

Getting Clarity: A Guide to GovCon Acronyms

The US government is considered one of the world’s largest buyers of services and products. It procures everything from paper clips to state-of-the-art heavy machinery. Federal agencies also purchase research and technical assistance services. Large and small businesses are eligible to sell their products and services to procuring federal agencies and be listed as prime […]

Considering an Acquisition? How to Develop a Buy-Side Strategy

If the time has come for your business to expand through acquisition or merger, it is in your interest to carefully develop your buy-side strategy. If you don’t have one, or if your strategy needs an update, there are a few critical factors that make or break a successful buy-side strategy. Recognize the Importance of […]

Thinking about Testing the Market in 2022?

2022 might just be the perfect opportunity to sell your business. The economy is rebounding, inflation has hiked up business values, and life is tentatively returning to normal. If you’re thinking of selling this year, you should know that to take advantage of beneficial market timing, your company needs to be attractive to the right […]

Make Your Business Valuation a Priority

Valuation enhances your business plan when it comes to the company’s general well-being and how it fits into your exit planning strategy. It gives you the vision and direction to enhance the value of your company, so you can achieve your business transition objectives. By prioritizing valuation, you understand the market value of your company. […]

Valuation Approaches: Choosing one for 2022

As the new year approaches us, the closing of your annual books and yearly business valuations are as well. Before your valuation, it is essential to note the different types of approaches one can take. The Asset Approach The Asset Approach is a valuation methodology that concludes to value based on a business’s balance sheet […]

Search Funds: The Goldilocks of Buyers?

The M&A market is booming, and for entrepreneurs and family businesses seeking to capitalize on a historically great seller’s market, some find that the lack of long-term planning weighs on valuation.   As we approach the end of a historically significant M&A market, it’s essential to start thinking about trading some smaller portion of the value […]

Fiscal Fitness Checklist: Get Ready for ’22 Now

Running your business requires you to manage dozens of tasks each day, and delivering a quality product or service to your customers is the priority. Some owners become overwhelmed by daily business operations and neglect their financials, which may cause significant problems down the road. Use this list to evaluate your financial fitness and keep […]