Banker&Tradesman Publishes Dan’s Educational Piece for Lenders

Banker&Tradesman published Dan Doran’s Inside the Business Valuation Process-A Primer for Commercial Lenders in its Continuing Education section. This is a great read for lenders who are new to SBA Lending and discovering:

“…when it comes to Small Business Administration lending, the SBA’s standard operating procedure requires that when goodwill exceeds $250,000, an independent, third-party valuation is required.”

The article answers:

  • Who Can Perform the Valuation?
  • What Should Lenders Consider When Selecting a Firm?
  • What Will an Analyst Consider?
  • Are There Common Pitfalls to Avoid? 
  • Where Can Lenders Go for More Information on Valuations? 

Read the full article on and find out! Banker&Tradesman is The Financial Services and Real Estate Weekly for Massachusetts.

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