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Webinar: COVID, M&A and Valuations

Based on the the number of people asking questions regarding what COVID means for M&A, their valuations, and buying or selling a company, we thought a webinar was probably in order. We’ve got two dates coming up: – 3/19 @ 11:30AM EST – Register Here https://hubs.ly/H0nFB4t0 – 3/24 @ 11:30AM EST – Register here https://hubs.ly/H0nFB3W0 […]

To Maximize Your Business Sale, Think Like a (Home) Buyer

You’ve built a rock-solid business. All the pieces are there—a great product, decent revenue, an extraordinary team—along with plenty of apparent demand in the market. A sale seems all but inevitable. So why isn’t anyone buying? Because every step of an M&A transaction is designed for buyers to eliminate sellers or reprice the deal.  To […]

Is the M&A Window Closing?

So here we are, halfway through 2019 and judging by the commentary from various talking heads, press releases, and my good friends in wealth management, it seems we really have no idea how strong the economy is. Maybe I’m just not a careful listener, but it sure seems like on one day the news is […]

Episode #4: Interview with Nathan Olson

Who knew that family law and business valuation could intersect? Specifically, when the clients are spouses who own a business together. We discuss how a business valuation can come into play when it comes to divorce proceedings and what the timeline looks like for a family law attorney when handling these cases.

You Probably Don’t Know the Actual Value of Your Company

And not knowing is eventually going to cause problems.  Over the course of thousands of client interactions one statistic stands out above all others: entrepreneurs drastically overestimate the value of their company.   It’s not surprising, of course.  It falls right in line with human nature: we all think our house is perfect, no one thinks […]

How Long is a Valuation Good For?

It’s a logical question from business owners: how long is a valuation good for? The short answer:  probably for about a year. The longer answer: it depends. Context is critical Business valuations are always completed for 1) a particular purpose and 2) at a specific point in time. While a valuation will take into account […]

ICYMI: Using Reps and Warranty Insurance to Close the Deal

In case you missed our Exit Planning Institute Chapter meeting this month we’re dropping this recap below.  Great meeting with a ton of valuable content for both those in the “deal world” as well as those considering acquiring / divesting.  This month we focused on reps & warranties insurance (also referred to as “transactional risk […]

Thinking About an Exit? Begin with the End in Mind.

Statistics tell us that for most entrepreneurs and family business owners, their operating business makes up about 80% of their net worth.  What’s more is that most business owners that we work with are what we think of as “business rich and cash poor.”  They’ve built a very valuable – yet very illiquid – asset.  […]