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Protect Your Business from Financial Fraud: COVID-19

It’s another day of the COVID-19 lockdown—day 11, 18, 43? You’ve lost count. You brew some coffee and pull out your phone, already wincing at what the day’s news might bring. But instead of headlines, the first thing you see is an email. It appears to be from Bank of America, offering you a $250,000 […]

How to Manage Cash Flow in a COVID-19 World

Does your business have enough to make it through the next month?  How about the next six months? As the world grapples with the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, organizations are operating on a long and uncertain timeline—and facing significant cash flow issues. The virus has shut down cities, upended supply chains, forced teams to go remote, […]

Moving Your Accounting Offsite ASAP- and Fractionalizing It

COVID-19: How to Go Virtual and Move Your Business Accounting Offsite ASAP Sixty-two percent.  That’s how many businesses lacked an emergency plan as of September 2019, according to Ready.gov.  Now, just a few months later, we know the real cost of unpreparedness. As the world wages war against the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, untold numbers of […]

Can’t Miss Opportunity in the Storm: Estate Planning in a Downturn

We can all admit that today’s COVID-19 environment is nothing sort of strange. We are all operating in an unprecedented environment of both uncertainty and boredom. With all the uncertainty it can be hard to think long term and strategically – but let’s do that (and maybe address some of the boredom too). Let’s talk […]

COVID-19: Financial Planning for Entrepreneurs Right Now

Statistics routinely suggest that a single operating company makes up 80% of most entrepreneurs wealth. And while there is a ton of focus right now on how your 401K and other investments have fared, the real question is actually far broader. How has your entire portfolio fared? Let’s think about it this way: if your […]

Webinar: Cash Flow Tools and Tips for RIGHT NOW

This is an exceptionally challenging time for many companies. Join us on this webinar where we will be discussing tools and techniques for managing cash flow *right now*. Plan for this to be a pretty practical session (more common sense, less theory). We’ll plan to keep it pretty short at about 30 minutes. Time: 3/25 […]

COVID-19 and Outsourcing Accounting

We are receiving a lot of requests from companies that are looking for outsourcing some or all of their internal accounting during the COVID-19 crisis. First, we are feeling the pain too, and definitely get where you are coming from. Second, from a work process and technology perspective we are well positioned to support. We’ve […]

COVID-19: Lean on a Virtual CFO

With all that’s going on we’ve been inundated with calls and messages asking for help. The most consistent themes? Cash Flow. How to I manage cash flow? And forecast cash requirements? Planning. When is the best time to make difficult decisions? Working with Lenders and Vendors. What’s the best way to communicate my situation? Employees. […]