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Quantive’s Dan Doran Wins 2019 Exit Planner of the Year!

This year at Exit Planning Institute‘s 2019 Excellence in Exit Planning Awards, Dan Doran was awarded Exit Planner of the Year! This award is named after EPI cofounder, Peter Christman, and is the highest honor that you can receive in the exit planning industry. Please join us in congratulating Dan on such a fantastic achievement! Read on […]

Dan Doran and Bob Moskal on Williams Mullen Govcon Perspectives Podcast

Quantive’s Dan Doran and Bob Moskal recently joined Kevin Pomfret on the “Williams Mullen Govcon Perspectives” podcast episode titled: “Will You Be Ready to Sell Your Government Contracting Business?” On this episode they dive into what buyers want to see when they are purchasing a government contracting business and what it really takes to get […]

Quantive Welcomes Susan Trivers!

We are so pleased to announce that Susan Trivers has joined the Quantive Team! Susan brings 20 years of experience working with small to medium business owners to help them increase the financial value of their company. She engages with owners to ensure their focus and energy are aimed towards innovations for future growth and […]

Exit Planning: When to Engage a Business Valuation

If you are considering selling your company step 1 should be understanding what the company is worth. Just like selling a car: before you go to the dealership you consult Kelley Blue Book, right? The same logic holds for a business: you can’t price it well if you don’t know the value. Why a Formal […]

Using a Valuation for a Shareholder Buyout

Shareholder buyouts occur frequently in closely held businesses and often are costly for parties that feel that the payout is unfair – whether too high or too low. Triggering events for buyouts happen all the time, yet as a business owner they are often not events you spend time thinking about every day. They include: […]

Growth: Turn Down for What?

We spend a lot of time talking (and talking, and talking) about revenue trends and earnings trends and successfully selling or exiting from a small business.  A lot of people are going to successfully exit their business.  They’ll do it on their own terms and get a reasonable return for their efforts.  But how do […]

On Playing Offense

“…Whatever Someone Is Willing to Pay” A phrase we hear pretty frequently is “a business is worth what someone is willing to pay for it.” And of course, this is a true statement. When a business sells… that’s the number. But the problem with this statement is that it’s reactionary. Reactionary is bad. Play Offense […]

SBA Loan Checklist

Getting ready to request an SBA Loan for financing?  Like a lot of things in life, it’s best to go into it being prepared.  That means understanding the SBA Loan Process, and doing all your homework early. To help you along that path, check out our SBA loan checklist below: SBA Loan Application –: Borrower Information Form – SBA […]